In English

Welcome to the National Coalition of Immigrants (more familiarly known as Kamut, which in Finnish means "Friends"). You will find on these pages information about our ideas, our activities, and our members.

Kamut was founded in 1985, with the idea of tolerance at its core. Our organisation is affiliated to the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus, in Finnish), whose political ideology and main values we share: democracy, education, tolerance and equal opportunities. We bring into the equation our own values: diversity and internationalism. The main idea of Kamut is to be international within Finland, to be open to everyone who lives in Finland. We want to be active in society, to stand up for things that are important to us, to talk about them, and to change them for the better.

My ideal is...

Finland is constantly changing, not least in terms of population structure, and as a member of Kamut you can do your part in shaping the future of Finland, in planning the way this diverse society will look tomorrow.

At Kamut we want a society that values tolerance, freedom, social responsibility, and democracy, as well as provides everyone with equal opportunities and adequate education. In our society we encourage each other and take care of each other. In the pursuit of a balance between freedom and responsibility, we emphasize individuality and initiative, and we involve all the resources of local communities.

In the Kamu society everyone respects and cherishes at the same time his native country, his mother tongue, the land where he lives and the language spoken here – and everyone around him, whatever their origins. Rather than being exclusive, a Kamu can at the same time be proud of his origins and culture, and sensibly flexible and tolerant.

...and who am I really?

The concrete goal of Kamut is to participate in the public debate and attempt to influence the building of a more broad-minded Finland. As Kamu, you have the opportunity to gain contacts and experience at different social levels.

In the activity of Kamut, the emphasis is on personal development through education, and on having an open mind towards new situations and events. We recognize a Kamu from a distance by his way of being enthusiastic and optimistic when it comes to new ideas. A true and active Kamu seeks solutions to social differences, while having faith in the ability of the individual to learn from their mistakes.

A real Kamu does not hurt others, nor does he behave in an offensive way. He can take care of others and encourage others in their quest for responsibility, for example in politics.

We invite all those interested in the activity of Kamut to join us. Meet new people, learn new things, and make heard your own message and our common ones. We all have the opportunity to change things for the better!